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Welcome to the Parent Information Page! 
Designed to give you information on how to best help us make your child's fencing experience positive, educational, and exciting! 

Do you have any suggestions for us?  We'd love to hear them!

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Bryan Heckert catches up on some reading while waiting for son, Zach, and daughter, Emma, to fence.


Equipment at the fencing center is provided (not including a competition sword) until you are able to purchase personal equipment for your child.  The equipment has been donated, so please make an effort to aquire personal equipment, even if only one piece at a time.

Used Equipment to Purchase is a case by case opportunity.  Sometimes used equipment is available, sometimes not.  We will try to post used equipment that is for sale on the homepage.

New Equipment may be purchased through Utah Valley Sport Fencing.  You may be able to find equipment at various prices on the internet.  Beware of buying what you can't see or don't have experience with.  You may appreciate having a little bit of direction.  We order the best equipment for the best price, based on our experience.            

Team vs. Individual Competition

Team Competition


Two teams compete against each other at a time.  Each team consists of 3 fencers and an alternate.  Each member fences each of the other team members (and  the alternate is rotated in).  We will always be rotating in the alternate; so that every member of the team will fence at least one bout.

It starts off with one member from each team (1a and 1b); they fence until one of them (say 1b) gets to 5 (each touch scores a point).  Then two more members fence (2a and 2b).  They fence until one of them reaches to 10 points.  So if team A was behind by 3 points, player 2a could make up those 3 points and go ahead 5 more to put their team ahead.  Then the third players fence (3a and 3b) to 15 points.  Then they match 1a against 2b and so forth fencing until the score of 45 is reached.  With four fencers, player number 4 will be rotated in half way through.

These team competitions usually last about 45 minutes to an hour.  The start times are listed on the schedule.  We are asking each fencer to be there 30 minutes before competition is to begin.  This gives them time to get all ready with all electrical equipment, stretch, warm-up, and test their equipment.  If both teams are ready to go before the start time, and coaches are ready, then the competition may begin.  The start times listed are the times that the competition must be starting by.  If a team member shows up late...after the start time, their team may have to forfeit.

Since these competitions usually go for an hour, it is advised that they eat a healthy snack, or light meal (preferably protein) before competition.  It is advised to bring your own water bottle, or sports drink.  When traveling it is recommended you send a sack dinner with your fencer.  Make sure to send plenty to drink, and snacks if needed.

To download your own copy of an official team scorsheet click
here. (Can only be opened with Acrobat Reader).



Individual Competitions


These competitions are optional but recommended.  These are on Friday Evenings and Saturdays.  They are broken down by age categories; although each fencer has the option to also fence up one age category.  At the individual competitions you are fencing everyone; you will even be competing against your own teammates.

Each competition requires registration.  This must be done online ahead of time.  This allows all the entry work to be done ahead and helps the competition to start on time.  You can register at the door if needed; but if you feel that there is any possibility you might come, please register online.  Once you arrive you will need to check-in.  You must check-in even though you have pre-registered.  You must check in for each event before the closing time (the start time listed for that event).  The scheduled event will then post pools and fencing will usually begin about 30 minutes after the posted time.

First each age category is broken into pools (Let�s say there are 20 fencers, they would have 4 pools of 5 fencers).  You fence everyone in your pool a bout to 5 points.  Every touch you score counts for you and every touch on you counts against you; as well as wins and loses.  Then all 20 fencers are listed in order of how they did in pools.  After that, it is a process of direct elimination.  For the younger age groups it is the best 2 out of 3 bouts; each bout to 5 points.  For the older age groups it is the first one to score 15 touches (or points).  If you lose you are done; the more you win the longer you get to fence; until it is narrowed down to the final 8, the final 4, then the Gold Medal Bout.

At these competitions it is recommended to bring water, sports drinks and some snacks, such as trail mix, fruit bars, a peanut butter sandwich, etc.  Sometimes these competitions can go on for several hours, and the fencers will need energy to keep them going (especially when fencing back to back age categories). 

To download your own copy of an official pool sheet click here. (Can only be opened with Acrobat Reader).


These competitions are patterned after the National USFA Competitions.

Parents are always welcome to come watch any of the competitions.

Strip Side Coaching

The following is a list of suggestions to give your fencer between touches.  Remember it is improper ettiquette to advise or coach an athlete during actual fencing.  Wait until the referee says "Halt" to encourage. Cheering is always acceptable.


�Keep Moving�

�Have a Plan�


�Hit with the point�

�Be brave�
�Focus and Concentrate�

�Do that again�

�Do something different�

�New Plan�

�Turn the light on�

�Slow Down�


As in most sports there are certain things which a fencer is not allowed to do in the course of a bout.  These penalities are established by the International Fencing Federation (FIE) and exist to keep fencers safe and to expedite tournaments. A few common penalties are:

  • Covering target with the unarmed hand
  • Turning the back shoulder or bringing it in front
  • Touching the electric equipment after the command "Fence"
  • Malfunctioning equipment before the command to "Fence"
  • Corps-a-Corps (body contact)
  • Turning the back on the opponent
  • Absent when called to fence
  • Refusal to salute

To view the entire list of official penalties click here.

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